2 Deaths To Die, 1 Life To Live


Death and Life depends on the choices we make. Life is Fascinating, but death is inevitable. Life and has a lot to offer all who embrace it, but what it offers you depends on your choices and general approach to life. Without life,nothing has meaning. The absence of life means death, no essence, no awareness, no desire, no aspirations and no dreams.

Life is what we make of it. It is what makes the world go round and what makes it what it is. The earth is full of different forms of life, which are dependent on one another in other to thrive. Every life form is important because we all need each other.

We all value the life that we have which is a gift from God, the giver of Life. The Word of God says that we slept and woke up because God sustained us. As much as life is fascinating, it can be abused as well. Most times, life does not give you what you deserve but what you demand, and it also most of the time gives you what you give (it is like a bank, you withdraw what you deposit) and that is the reason why we all have to be careful about what we give and demand from life.

Often time you hear phrases like, you only have one life, live it to the fullest; life has no duplicate, live it to the fullest; you only come to this world once, so enjoy yourself; it is your life, don’t let anyone tell you how to live it; live as if there is no tomorrow etc. These words may inspire you to live your life to the extremes (enjoying all the pleasures of sin and the lusts of this world) but remember that nothing lasts forever on earth and that death will always come knocking.

Two Kinds of Life

Life has both good and evil to offer you, but what you get from it depends on what you give or contribute, what you demand from it and on which side of the Kingdom you are on, because there are two kingdom: the kingdom of God (the kingdom of Light) and the world (the kingdom of darkness).

And these two kingdoms are opposed to each other and are very important to each an everyone of us because they determine what we get out of our stay on earth; and what the promise of tomorrow will be. They determine what kind of life we live and where we spend eternity, whether we live eternally or die the second death.

They both offer two different things which many have failed to understand. While one offers life the other offers death but the issue is that one offers death in the form of life (you must die to flesh and resurrect with Jesus Christ; you must die to sin and to this world ) while the other offers life in the form of death (pleasures of sin and the lusts of this world whose end is destruction). One says enjoy life because there is no tomorrow and the other says that you should live with caution because of the tomorrow.

The kingdom of God (the kingdom of light) is the one offering you life; one that transcends this present existence, one that is eternal ,full of peace though not as the world gives. While the world (the kingdom of darkness) has nothing permanent to offer you, just temporary pleasure and eternity of pain and regrets.

Life After Life and Death After Death

There is life after life (this is also known as everlasting life or the Resurrection of life) and there is death after death (this is known as the second death). Many people are aware of life after life, but what many are not aware of is that there is death after death, this is what the Bible called the second death in the book of Revelations 21: 8.

Those who made the right choices in this world and embrace the Words and Ways of Jesus Christ shall inherit the everlasting life, even though they may suffered from the first death, but they will never see the second death. The Second death is reserved for those who enjoyed the pleasures of sin and built their lives on the foundation of lusts and the flesh.

Those who live their lives according to the Word of God and the Love of Christ will enter into the rest of the Almighty God in Paradise where He has prepared for His children who obeyed his Word. While those whose names were not not found in the book of life of the Lamb will be condemned to eternal damnation.

What is Second Death 

The Second Death is death after death. It is burning in the lake that burns with brimstone and fire. Simply put, it is burning in Hell Fire. This is when all those who lived the life of unrighteousness on earth are cast into the fires of hell that burns with brimstone where Satan, the Beast, the False Prophets, Death (itself) and Hell are punished for eternity. After the first death, all will rise during the judgement day of the lamb, and all those who denied Jesus Christ shall be cast into hell where they shall never die but shall be punished eternally. [Revelation Chapter 20 and 21].  

The Way Out

Accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior and live a righteous live according to the Word of God which Jesus brought to the world. Purge yourself of all filthiness and lusts of this world. What it means is that you must die to flesh: do not allow your body to rule over you or drag you to hell. Embrace the love of God which is the only prove that you have God in you. Let your light shine in the world for all to see and know that you belong to Jesus Christ so that they will glorify your Father who is in heaven when they see your good works.

Ask the LORD to baptize you with His Holy Spirit and with Fire after you have accepted Christ and have repented from all your sins (Matthew 3: 11) so that you will be able to live a righteous life without which, it is impossible.


Remember Eternity In Whatever You Do Here On Earth

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