Religion Is Not What God Sent To The World


God did not send religion to the world, He sent His Word [John 1: 1-5; John 3: 16]. What He sent was not religion, but His Way, His truth and His Life. God sent His only begotten Son to the world because of His great love for His creation, not to bring religion to them but to show them the only way to know the Truth about the Father, which is the only way to receive the Life of the Father, the eternal life; this is why Jesus says that we should learn of Him, because He is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

Christianity is God’s Life personified in Jesus Christ. The Church was first called Christians in Antioch because the people saw that they were behaving in every area of their lives like Jesus Christ and not because they were religious; after all there were many religious sects around them at that time including the Jews. But they didn’t call those ones Christians because there was a big difference from what they know to be religion.

They were following the ways of Jesus Christ. They talked the way he talked and acted the way He acts, forgave the way He forgives, loved the way He loves, peaceful the way He was, holy the way He was while on earth etc. They were full of the Holy Spirit, the way that He was and led by the Holy Spirit, the way He was led by the Holy Spirit.

So, all these attributed were what made people to call them Christians, Christ like and not religious; and that is exactly what Christianity is all about. Therefore, Christianity is not just believing in Jesus as the Son of God, eve the demons acknowledged Him as the Son of God and called Him the Son of God in many different instances.

Religion is men’s creation, it is men’s own brainchild when they were looking for ways to reconnect back to God as a result of the fall of man. They tried in so many ways humanly possible according to their own understanding, strength, wisdom and in their own ways; and they ended up creating their own Righteousness and godliness different from God’s standard. This is the reason there are so many religions today in the world.

But man could not reach God or fulfill the righteousness of God because they live and do it in the flesh and flesh is not capable of the Righteousness of God. What they were seeking for could only be achieved through the help of the Holy Spirit which Jesus sent from the Father to guide man into all Truth because he is the Spirit of Truth.

Christianity is not Theology; Christianity is God’s Way of Life, it is the culture of heaven and the way of life of those who are heaven bound; the citizens of heaven. This is why our Lord Jesus Christ says that the Word he speaks are Spirit and they are Life. The Word of God says that the letter kills but the Spirit gives life. Christianity is doing it on Earth as it is done in Heaven.

It is only with the help of the Holy Spirit that one can actually become a Christian because he is the Spirit of Truth that knows the mind of the Father, and Jesus said that he will testify of him, (the Word of God) and will remind us of the Way and the Words of Jesus Christ.

Definitions of Religion:

  • Religion is man devising his own ways to reach God and trying to establishing his own version of truth about God.
  • Religion is man trying to understand God through human mind, Wisdom, philosophy, ideologies and senses.
  • It is man creating his on Righteousness and his own form of godliness to worship God.
  • It is man worshiping God in the flesh and trying to know the mysteries about God by human brain and knowledge.
  • Religion is man seeking a way to be reconciled back to God by his efforts, in his understanding and by his own doctrines.
  • Religion is being carnally minded and man trying to please God by his own work.

Dictionary Definition of religion:

Religion is the belief in at least one deity and performing all the corresponding rites or rituals.
If this is all Christianity is all about and all that men need to do become Christians, then they are no different from the devils because in James 2: 19, the Bible says that even the devils believe that their is one God and tremble. This is same reason why devil go to church and quote scriptures.

Definition of Christianity

So, Christianity is not a religion, it is the Life of God which Jesus taught his followers and all who will enter his rest. It is hearing the Word of God, believing the Word of God, and obeying the Word of God by practicing it in our daily lives.

Christianity is worshiping the Father in Spirit and in Truth and not in the flesh, (John 4: 23-24).
It is practicing the love of God, keeping the Words of Jesus and walking in the Light, (1 John 1: 6-7; 1 John 2: 3-6; John 14: 21 & 23-24; John 15: 10).

Christianity is being spiritually minded, being led by the Holy Spirit and being separate from the world, (Romans 4- 14; 2 Corinthians 6: 17-18).

It is being the light of the world and the salt of the earth; it is having a spiritual communion and untainted fellowship with God.

Christianity is seeking the Kingdom of God first and his righteousness (Matthew 6:33). It is being like Christ, talking and behaving like Christ.

Insights from Pastor Rex

Is Christianity A Religion?

Christianity Is Not A Religion


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